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Amazing! A sports car model is equivalent to the price of ten real cars! Jan 06, 2016

The price of a model depends on many factors, including model materials’ price, model  complexity, technical difficulty, time frame and so on, Betty Models always make special model according to customer’s requirements to make out special effect which client want, win high reputation from many real estate developers and government departments, enterprises and institutions. Today we are going to introduce the car model is not generally expensive; its price is enough to buy 12 real cars!


Perhaps most people are surprised, a sports car is already too expensive to buy for people, why car scale model is so expensive?


This Sports Car Scale Model is 60 cm long, diamond head lamp decoration, diamond wheel, diamond seat, platinum material as decoration, 100% perfect miniature carbon fiber body, whole body gold-plated, plus use 5000 hours work to finish it, here is why it’s so expensive.

Italy Automobile Models


Are you an engineer or 3D artist? Are you a consumer? Are you in a product development business? Do you like custom goods? 3D model printing isn't for everyone, but it has the potential to change the world.


As artists and engineers design each model, the sky is the limit! Artists can design virtually anything to be printed. The limit is purely each designer's imagination. What does this mean? Truly custom products can be designed for consumers. There will be a massive avenue for custom manufacturing! If you think that engraving items is special, just wait until 3D model becomes much more widespread. The design of someone's face could be possible! Imagine how creative a valentine’s gift or Christmas gift could become.


In addition, let's look at the engineering aspect of 3D model. An oil well is about to be drilled, and a highly specific valve system needs to be created. The engineers need this highly specific part to be designed, but they don't want to have to deal with paying for the production of 50 of them. At the same time, they would like it in a very specific material without being gauged for pricing. 3D model making could save the day by allowing for the creation of only 1-3 pieces, at a much more inexpensive price.


If you have interest in 3d model making or want to find top quality model making supplier, http://www.bettymodels.com/ must be your best choice, just click and you won't regret!

Sports Car Scale Model


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