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Betty Models make a fantastic Polar Ocean World Scale Models in Jan, 2016 Jan 21, 2016

At beginning of 2016, Betty Models make an excellent Polar Ocean World Scale Models!


Polar Ocean World Scale Models 


Model top quality, all details perfect revivification, authentic color… etc, all of these show out one amazing effect which attract all people in exhibition.  Compare all other companies’ models; our model is so special and beautiful let all people stop here. Our client is so happy and directly makes another project model order to us.


This Polar Ocean World Scale Model Scale is 1:75, dimension is 1500mm×1500mm, use many model technology and material to finish.

1. Model ground: Use color nitpick technology, total we mix and spray more than 100 colors to finish dream color effect.

2. Sea-maid:3D modeling and 3D print, color also use spray technology to make out 10 different color effect, 100% exactly same as design.

3. All water area: Use resin water to make out the effect which very like real water-with some water lines and water reflection effect.

4. Illuminated system: 4 sets lighting system to lit, all water lit blue lighting, all trees lit yellow lighting, entrance disk screen lit around, building inside lit white lighting.

5. Most successful for us-Betty Models is we only use one week to finish these two models with perfect result.


Ocean World Scale Models


About the project of Polar Ocean World, it will be start building from 2016, 2018 complete buildup. Polar Ocean World located in Pudong seaside of Shanghai- Lingang New Town. Mermaid world and cloud world are the two parts of Polar Ocean World. There are total 12 parts.

These two parts start construction building from middle of 2016 and will complete buildup in 2018.  The total size is similar to Shanghai Disney World. Dream design and color seems bring people go into a dream. 

More info, come and visit: http://www.bettymodels.com/.


Ocean World Scale Models


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