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Cattle Farm Scene Scale Model Jan 29, 2016

Most people understand architectural model maker is making building model, planning model…etc. However, except building models, Betty Models also make game models, machine models, ship models, train models, exhibition model...etc.

Scene Scale Models


We make one cattle farm scene scale model for Australia beef company on Jan, 2016.

In order to let their customers know their beef good quality, all cattle are living in open farm, client let us design and make one cattle farm scene model.

Client has no any drawing and design draft, only give us one video, let me to design and make. The cattle, we design in 3D drawing and use 3d printer to get the cattle, then use hand painting to make the cattle color.

Once client receive the model, they are very surprise and happy. They say ’ This model is much better than we expected. Well done and thank you for your great efforts ’. When we see client’s email, all our hard efforts are worth, this is best return for us!

Australia Scale Model Making

 game scale models

more info, come and visit: http://www.bettymodels.com/ to find more.

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