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Do you know what called Scene Models? Jan 19, 2016

Scene scale model is one kind of architectural models, it normally make out one scene to show the meaning which client want to say. Betty Models is a professional scene scale model making manufacturer, we ever made debris flow scene models, earthquake scene scale models and so on. The effect are vivid, win clients’ satisfaction.

situation models


The model in the picture is a factory which make chemical product. All products need pack, ship. Some products need packed in wood packing box then crane lift it into truck, some other products need use oil tank truck to transport. In order to show its company's power, client makes one scene scale model.


Today we tell you one story about one Chinese man who use 7 years to make one scene model.


Factory Transportation Scene Scale Models


History tells us, if you get success, you must have very difference from normal person. Indeed, yes, this person named Mr Zhen-a crazy military scene model fan, he use 7 years to finish one military scene model-The surrender of signing ceremony scene model. 

Scene Scale Models

Many military scene model fans all over the world like make scene models for Second World War; they use their hand to restore war details and some unknown secret. But for China, no any scene model to show the history of China during Send World War. So Mr Zhen think it’s a blank for China, so he must be make one scene model to show all people even he paid much time and vigor.

Mr Zhen use 3 years to prepare all files of Second World War and use 7 years to make this scale model. You can see the model size is 1.8*0.7 meter, total have more than 200 vivid people, each people he at least use 2 weeks to finish. It’s really a fantastic work!

We are very surprise and admire Mr Zhen.


If you want to get the vivid scene scale models, you can come and visit http://www.bettymodels.com/ which can provide what you want and service for all your need! You can also email to betty@bettymodels.com to contact immediately! 

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