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Do You Like Exhibition Models? Nov 26, 2015

Have you seen the exhibition architectural models ever before? You may see in your school's teaching buildings, in galleries, or in shopping buildings. They exist to exhibit designer imagination and wisdom, and will complete by professional model makers to vividly show in front of you. Perhaps you admire their greatness, or you just get the idea, I want to learn model design.

Model design is very complex and cumbersome, but there will be some relatively simple model to facilitate the people to directly see the designer's ideas. When in Shanghai World Expo year, Some of the located company of Shanghai, like Betty Models, has already make many countries’ expo museum models, such as China Pavilion, Switzerland Pavilion,  African Pavilion, Australia Pavilion etc. Most impression is China Pavilion, since during its design to expo time; we almost make 20 work scale models for government of China Pavilion.


Below photo is the 5th model of China Pavilion which we made. You can see it’s also like a conceptual model, with not enough details, just show the basic structure. This architectural model is displayed in design meeting instead of exhibition. But it also can say an exhibition model since after the design meeting, this model also put in local exhibition to show people.

 China Pavilion exhibition models

If you want to know more about model making or want to design by yourself, http://www.bettymodels.com/ will always glad to talk with you, and give you satisfy service.

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