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Tell You about 3d Model Making Jan 19, 2016

3D architectural models are mainly design for the architectural and city planning, when talking about the indispensable review of the project. It has unique image of the exhibit space and the design effect. Thus, in the construction, planning or modeling exhibition has become an independent discipline.

Building and environmental art model between the plane and the actual three-dimensional drawing space, it is the organic link between the two together, is a three-dimensional stereo mode, building models to help design creative scrutiny, can intuitively reflect the design intent to make up for the limitations of drawing on performance (see architectural drawings). It is part of the process designer, but also belongs to a form design; it is widely used in city construction, aspects of real estate development, sales, design tender and investment cooperation.


Basic features of architectural model scale:

According to the architectural design drawings or design ideas, sample press reduction ratio of the use made of a material easy to process. Architectural models are used in the performance of a means of architectural design features and spatial relationships of the building or building complex. For the need to use the model of creative design, advanced technology, the complex, varied art forms of modern architecture are important. It said working model in the preliminary design stage is design, production may be some simple, so that processing and removal. Materials are available sludge, cardboard and plastic.


After the completion of the preliminary design, it can make more refined model── showcase model for the use of validation of the design.

Display model requires not only the performance of a building close to the real proportions, shape, color, texture and planning environment, but also to reveal the internal space of the room key construction, furnishings and architecture, construction and the like.

Show models generally use wood, plywood, plastic sheeting, glass and metal sheets and other materials. Make a view model to achieve performance design creative conception and ideas.



There are many materials that you can making architectural models, and they mainly divided into four categories:

(1) Chemicals: quartz glass, sponges, plexiglass, chloroform, paint, UHU glue, A plastic, ABS plastic sheet, synthetic plastic version, foam board.

(2) Plant: wood, plywood, MDF, bamboo, cardboard and the like.

(3) Lighting Class: LED lights, rice bubbles and the like.

(4) Crystal laser building models by laser engraving, engraving the crystal inside the building.


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