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Tell You Something about 3D Model Making Jan 08, 2016

Looking about 3d model making which let us exciting, pretty modeling just shows us the miniature world. It is fun and exciting to do and is used in a variety of media and business. 3d modeling can be very lifelike though, and might seem overwhelming to a beginner. Here are some steps to take when modeling your first object or character.


Sketching something out before you attempt to model it in 3D is essential to ensuring you do it correctly. The key to modeling correctly is being able to import your drawings directly into your 3D modeling program of choice for quick reference. When sketching out a character, object, or anything for that matter, make sure you provide two views: a front view (if it's a character try to keep the arms and legs spread out a bit) and a side view (a good example of this type of drawing is seen in the references below by artist Nathan Heal). Once you have this type of drawing created you can scan it and clip it into two separate pictures.


Create a plane object in your front viewport by clicking "plane" and then dragging the mouse across in the front viewport to create the object. Make sure you resize the height and width of the plane to match the height and width of the front view photo you created. Then select the positioning coordinates and change all of the values to 0. This centers the plane object at the exact center of the front viewport. Now open the materials editor and import your front view photo as a new texture. Apply it to your plane to see your drawing successfully imported into your 3D Models like quality apartment models & modeling program.


Now create a plane in the left viewport. Make it the same size as your side view image and make sure to value out the entire placement coordinates to 0 like you did for the front plane. Once that is done, take a look at your perspective viewport. What you should notice is both planes intersecting evenly and creating a "plus sign" type of design. Be sure to import your side view as a texture and apply it to the left viewport plane you created. Now if you look in perspective mode you should notice that your drawings intersect one another and they almost make a 3d Models picture like commercial housing models on their own.

Villa Showroom Scale Models

Once you have your reference created you can start to model. Some people like to start modeling a character or object from the bottom up so if you are creating a character you would start at the feet, but you can start wherever you like. Let model in your front viewport to start, and not your perspective or other viewports. Create a cube polygon and give it as many splits and sides as you see fit. Convert your polygon into an editable polygon. This is going to allow you to grab all the vertices and manipulate them in any way that you see fit. Drag the vertices into place to create the shape of the object. One you are done with the front then move to the left view and do the same thing there, lining up the vertices with your object. Remember to use the "face" selection and "extrude" tools to keep building your polygon up and up until it becomes the shape you want.


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